Backend Developer


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Backend Developer, as a project backbone, is responsible for the software development, database management and its maintenance, to ensure high software performance, and is tasked with handling the front-end requests.


HOLOSCOPE is a collaborative family of engineers, artists and researches, working together on the new and exciting projects in ever-growing and challenging industry of life sciences.

In collaboration with R&D companies from Europe and the USA, we are developing a very ambitious and exciting projects by combining the latest emerging technologies, such as IoT, robotics, AI, Machine Learning, along with visual experiences using VR/AR and other Computer Graphics technologies.

If you are open to work on new and exciting project in life-sciences domain, using state-of-the-art technologies and share common vision of the future full of outstanding technological advancements, then HOLOSCOPE might be the perfect place for you!

We are in the process of expanding our team, and are open to senior/medior associates who want to expand their knowledge to new concepts and work on futuristic, scientific projects.

About the Position

Backend Developer is responsible for software development process, database management, definition and maintenance of the central database, ensuring high software performance, and tasked with handling front-end requests.


  • User Interface integration, developed by the front-end developers using the server logic
  • Development of the modular code and libraries for future use
  • Application optimization to ensure maximum performance and scalability
  • Data protection implementation
  • Development and implementation of database storage solutions
  • Writing API for mobile applications
  • Projection and implementation of the database


  • Good understanding of some of the backend technologies (PHP or C#)
  • Basic knowledge in development of basic web technologies (HTTP, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript)
  • User authentication and user authorization between multiple systems, servers and environments
  • Database integrations from multiple sources into a single system
  • Knowledge of MS SQL database
  • User environment management, including database administration and application scaling to support the changes in loads
  • Connecting the website to a domain
  • Knowledge in working on cloud services, such as AWS and Azure, is desirable
  • Data migration, transformation and scrip writing
  • Reserve copy administration and adjustment
  • Understanding the difference between different publishing platforms, such as mobile to desktop, and output data optimization for a specific platform
  • Data format adjustment needed for different user applications
  • Working on unit test and test automation platform
  • Good knowledge in using Git or SVN
  • Good understanding of the OWASP safety principles
  • Understanding the “session management” in distributed environment of the server

How to Apply

If you are interested in the position, please send us your CV and Cover Letter by using the “Apply” button below, or email us at: