Power Distribution Company

real time management & decision making

Digital Twin for local Power distribution company. Visualization of network elements on a 3D map, paired with alphanumeric data and real time sensor data to create analytical tools (graphs, charts, bars) on a map itself. Great way to observe processes, trends and events on a large scale network to drive better business and operational, every-day, decision making.

Real Time Management

By creating the Digital Twin concept that enables data visualization on 3D maps and Extended reality, it enabled both office workers and field operators to manage and control the company’s complex network system and decision making in realtime.

Infrastructure Visualization

Company’s infrastructure was visualized on three different levels: Mid Voltage network, Low Voltage network and Asset management. All the poles, substations and wires are shown as 3D models on a 3D terrain. Point cloud visualization of vegetation around the network lines provided the tool for spotting critical spots where vegetation is too close to wires and pruning zones.


Integration of data from all the information systems in the company (SAP, STONE, SAP AM, GIS, IRENA, AMM) along with real estate and address registers, other networks infrastructure data and point cloud data was the most complex and challenging Digital Twin data integration project.

Over The Top Network Overview

Single Element Data Inspection

Point Cloud Visualization

Wire Sag Visualization

Load Of Each Substation

Substation Details