Realtime Rendering

We are using Unreal engine for our future animations. Real time graphics came so far in the last decade and Unreal is certainly the best solution regarding the lighting quality and graphics overall with it’s Niagara, Lumen and ray tracing solutions.

We decided to put our skills to the test and try to reach our standard video output quality as much as possible with Unreal capabilities. Goal is to recreate Krafterk’s the Robots live performance to pay tribute to the legendary group and to show migration from the older technology to the modern one.

Many hours are spent for sure on making those Kraftwerk stage robots but now it’s the matter of clicks to generate and animate human copies that looks stunningly real on screen thanks to Unreal and MetaHuman.
Rendering is blazingly fast and you can play with lighting as much as your creativity lets you. PBR materials shine as the highlights go over them. There are some quirks in the production so offline rendering still has it’s rightful place when you need big muscles but when the speed counts with reasonable graphics quality, this is the demonstration that Unreal is the best choice for our team to bring memorable CGI to life.
Bear in mind, this is still work in progress at Holoscope…