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About Project

3D map data visualization on a limited geographical area for the Taxation Authority. Buildings and apartments were visualized and colored based on multiple parameters (data source, building use, building date etc.). Since the main purpose of the project was spotting the differences in data sources, we enabled a few additional filtering tools for this parameter (overlaps, not overlaps, isolate). With this concept, client’s workers are able to quickly detect if any of the apartments aren’t registered in one of the official registers data is coming from, so they can warn either institution that maintains the register or the apartment owner to report its property. The 3D map enabled apartments and floors stacking on top of each other.

Diagnostic & Maintenance

By enabling filtering based on registries units are in, client’s workers got a tool with which they can quickly detect which units are missing and in which of the registries they are missing. After getting this information, they are able to contact the owners, send them warnings or send personnel on the field to investigate the case.

Infrastructure Visualization

The Geospatial Data Authority had 3 registries as data sources for taxation and reporting. We had to visualize buildings and residential and business units within buildings and enable filtering of units based on the register they are in. Also, we enabled filters based on the year buildings are built, building/unit use and whether buildings have a community of unit owners established.


Client needed data harmonization for 3 registries: Field census, Cadastre data and Tax administration. It was necessary to harmonize data by finding a common key between each of the two registries and copy the values of attributes into the single list.

Registry Difference Detection

Mass Valuation Of Real Estate

Distribution Analysis

Registry Difference Detection

Mass Valuation of Real Estate

Overview on the City Scale