Telecom Company


This pilot project covered a limited geographic area within the city centre, visualizing telecom’s infrastructure (network cables, devices, base stations, telecommunication nodes,..) in 3D from large scale level, to a single building. It also integrated all currently available data, such as alerts, bandwidth, coverage, spending, user addresses and similar.

We also incorporated a part for marketing and sale department, assisting them to check technical availability for introduction of new services at a specific location.

Real Time Management

This concept enabled Local Telecom company to get real time insights in their network state. By integrating their sensor data and data from all available network nodes, it enabled visualization of bandwidth data flow. Geographical coverage and alerts at the spots where there are obstacles in data flow, secures immediate response from the field workers to solve the issue.

Infrastructure Visualization

Copper and Optical fiber networks are visualized on a 3D map and it helps them to get insights into its state top to bottom. Pure visualization can also be helpful in situations when salesmen need to give potential clients instant feedback on whether their network has reached their business or housing unit.


Besides standard geospatial and data sources about the network, we needed to integrate and cross reference a lot of sales and marketing data. This enabled us to create aggregation and advance analytic layers to help company make better operational and business decisions.

Single Building Network View

visualize network elements

It is possible to visualize network elements on a building scale, enabling client’s personnel to see in realtime does a building even has connection to a certain network, installed network inside the building, all the way to the single housing and business unit level, enabling them to see which units are their clients versus competition’s, as well the usage and spendings for the unit.

Network Overview

Building Installations