WeederBot Development

There is certain progress with the Weeder Bot project. The spring season has finally come and the real challenges appear – situation with the plants in the fields looks much more complex than conditions in the lab.

Together with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (Mechatronic Department) and ELAS company from Banja Luka we are creating the first local weeder robot, to be used initially at a cabbage field to eliminate weeds without any herbicides. The project is supported by the Ministry of Agriculture of Republic of Srpska.

We have developed initial algorithms for camera calibration and optical velocity measurements. Plants recognition will be the next part of the project, taking a number of photos of cabbage in different phenophases and training the neural network in various lighting conditions, types of soil and combination of weeds.

Looking forward to see how our colleagues are assembling the mechanical parts.

Description Of The Conceptual Solution Of The Tool